Drums = done

We spent a day with Joe Garcia at State of Art studios in Bristol (great studio and the results so far have been immense so check them out!) tracking the main song. We also tracked the new tune, we’ll see if that makes the final cut though.

The sessions were bounced from Radar and Will took them away to start working. Ben’s guitars will definitely be re-tracked due to some amp issues on the day, as will Chino’s bass as he was basically dying from illness. But we will get there.

The objective for the day was to get a good drum sound and get various live trackings of Jamie down, which we did. He nailed pretty much every take! It took a good 3-4 hours to get the drum sound we wanted using various mics, mic placements and tuning the drums themselves but they ended up sounding exactly how we wanted.

I listened to a record called Clandestine Abuse by a band called Northless today and I think you should all check them out.



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